Yam Dreaming

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Artist: Gracie Morton Pwerl
Year: 2005
Medium: Acrylic on Belgium Linen Canvas
Size: 149cm x 90cm
Price: $1250
Shipping: To be quoted
Description: The yam is one of the most stable types of bush tucker gathered in the region of Utopia. The yam has a complex root system that can spread up to twelve metres from its stalk. The plant has bright green leaves with yellow flowers and branches out over a wide area. It is commonly found in woodland areas and close to a water source. It is best harvested several months after rainfall when the exposed plant has died off. As the edible part is attached to the root system it must be located, dug up and gathered. Often large areas are excavated to find the yam. The painting depicts Bush Yam leaves on the ground in various stages of ripening. The Yam is a tropical plant which produces edible tubers and the leaves of which is used as a medication when ground or boiled. The Aboriginal People also sharpen sticks from the plant to use for digging or as a weapon. In Yam Dreaming the artist is paying homage to the spirit of the yam plant so that it regenerates year after year to feed the people. A beautifully executed work at a great sale price.
Reference: GMP149