Women’s Tingari

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Artist: Nellie Marks Nakamarra
Year: 2002
Medium: Acrylic on Belgium Linen Canvas
Size: 150cm x 92cm
Price: $1350
Shipping: $0.00
Description: This Traditional striking painting depicts sacred women’s ceremonial sites created by Tingari ancestors. Tingari men & Women traveled over vast stretches of land performing rituals and creating and shaping particular sites. Tingari men were usually followed by Tingari women and accompanied by young novices; their travels and adventures are enshrined in a number of song cycles. The designs are often powerful geometric shapes and abstract markings traditionally decorated on shields, painted on the body for ceremonies and in ground paintings. These stories are used as part of teachings given to young men who are passing through initiation, as well as providing explanations for contemporary customs. The mythology of the Tingari Cycle lies at the heart of Pintupi cultic life.
Reference: NMN150