Womens Ceremony

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Artist: Yilpi Marks Atira
Year: 2005
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 183cm x 132cm
Price: $2950
Shipping: To be quoted
Description: This traditional beautifully executed design with soul depicts young women travelling from one ceremonial site to another with senior women elders teaching and initiating young women. The red sponge areas represent sacred hills where the young women are taught their culture. Women tap their ceremonial dancing sticks in these ceremonial stomping grounds. They wear sacred body paint designs and dancing sashes. The coolamons are used to mix the ochres with water to paint their bodies and the elders teach their young women their Dreamtime songs and culture. Men with their spears and boomerangs travel with the women to act as Guardians protecting the women and their secret ceremonies. They are not permitted to enter these women’s sites but guard them from the outskirts. This area is Yilpi’s Grandfathers country of Aralya.
Reference: YMA183