Uwalki: Watiya Tjuta Dreaming

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Artist: Mitjili Napurrula
Year: 2008
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 127cm x 119cm
Price: $1750
Shipping: $0.00
Description: Watiya Tjuta (trees) relates to men’s wooden objects. The Tjukurrpa or Dreaming of this work concerns making of spears, an important aspect of mens business. The straightening of spears is a theme frequently painted by her brother Turkey Tolsen. Mitjili is known for the strength of patterning in the formal arrangements of her work, as in this representation of the women’s side of this Tjukurrpa, the trees that provide the wood for spear shafts and other objects. The bottom half of Mitjili's painting depicts the root system of the Watia tree which are mainly used to make boomerangs. The country where the trees are found is Uwalki, Mitjili’s father’s country. Her mother, who drew images in the sand of Uwalki, taught her fathers Tjukurrpa. This country near the Kintore Ranges, west of Haast Bluff is rich in bush food, with plenty of native grass seeds for bush damper, as well as animals such as bush turkeys and kangaroos.
Reference: MN119rb