Tingari at Kulkuta

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Artist: George Ward Tjungurrayi
Year: 2005
Medium: Acrylic on Belgium Linen Canvas
Size: 137cm x 102cm
Price: $4000
Shipping: $0.00
Description: This Traditional painting with great movement depicts designs associated with soakage water site Kulkuta, situated amongst sand hills south west of Tjukula. "This painting depicts designs associated with Kaakuratintja (Lake McDonald). In mythological times a large group of Tingari Men travelled to this site from Kulkuta, s-w of the Tjukurla Community. The roundels represent rock holes while the parallel lines are the surrounding sand hills. The Kuningka (Western Quoll) Dreaming also travelled this same route. Since events associated with the Tingari Cycle are of a secret nature no further detail was given ....." The landscape was affected by the journey paths of the Tingari ancestors. Sacred sites are located along these journey lines which hold cultural significance as told by generations of tribal elders. Initiations take place in specific areas of the region as young boys enter manhood. In Mythological times a large group of Tingari men travelled to this site to Kaakuratintja performing initiation ceremonies and instructing their younger men. The painting is complete, its structure so majestic and interwoven it seems to outreach the eye's capacity to see. Ward leans back,and glances down; but the artist's face is quizzical. He makes his trademark shaking movement with his painting hand. He adjusts his beanie, his long-sleeved shirt and close-fitting trousers, summons his dog-pack, and walks away. Behind him is his painted mirror of the desert: it lies gleaming on the dusty ground. An excellent investment. Comes with 7 photos, Red Ochre Lines and creamy white dots
Reference: GWT137