Thomas Tjapaltjarri

Thomas Tjapaltjarri and his family created International headlines when they walked out of the desert west of Lake Mackay into the small Kiwirrikura community, just inside the Western Australia border west of Alice Springs in 1984.
Described as “The Lost Tribe”, the last known group of people to make contact with white society, they survived for so long in the harsh environment of the Australian desert through their intimate knowledge of the land and its secrets, passed down from their ancestors for thousands of years, but eventually succumbed to the lack of water and the diminishing lack of bush tucker.
He is the brother to highly acclaimed artist’s Warlimpirrnga and Walala. Also brother to respected artists Yukultji and Yalti who is Warlimpirrnga’s wife.
His paintings map both the physical and spiritual dimensions of his sacred country and his mastery of structure and composition place him as an artist at the forefront of contemporary painting.
Thomas’ recent exhibitions include;
“Artitja Fine Art: Desert Dreamings”, Old George Gallery – East Fremantle and “Tingari Country”, Gallery Woo Mang – Paris, France in conjunction with the Australian Embassy. This joint Exhibition also featured his brother Walala Tjapaltjarri, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa and Ray James Tjangala. Thomas’ works are held in important private and corporate collections worldwide.
Selected Collections:
Hank Ebes, Melbourne, Victoria