Shiralee Campbell Napurrula

Shiralee Campbell Napurrula belongs to the Pintubi Language Group and was born 12- 12- 87 in Kintore & she mainly lives in Mt. Liebig with her Mother, highly respected artist Maisie Campbell Napaltjarri.
They often travel to Kintore to visit family. She comes from a long line of artist’s, her father was the celebrated artist Barney Campbell Tjakamarra (Deceased).
Shiralee began painting in 2002 & her work has been influenced by her parent’s artworks and themes symbolize the huge women’s ceremonies that take place in the area between Kintore and Kiwirrkurra in Western Australia.
A rising star whose talent is obvious & she sells her work thru Watiyawanu Art Centre at Mt. Liebig & a number of Alice Springs Galleries.