Samantha Daniels Napaltjarri

Samantha Daniels Napaltjarri was born on 3-06-82 and lives at the Docker River Community. Her Language group is Luritja and she takes an active part as a social worker and office duties for her community as she has a University Degree. She is a Grand Daughter to the highly acclaimed artist Linda Syddick and often paints along side Linda and her mother Ruby Nangala Daniels.
Samantha has been painting since 2005 and is proud to promote her culture through her artwork that was taught to her by her Grand parents and mother.
She has had sell out exhibitions with Maruku Art Centre at Yulara at Ayers Rock, Northern Territory. Samantha and her mother won first and second Art Award prize in 2006 from the Maraku Art Centre. She has also successfully sold her artwork with Alice Springs Art Galleries.
Her talent is obvious and is destined to becoming a major artist whose artwork will be sought after by collectors worldwide. More artworks available, enquiries welcome.