Narabri Nakamarra

Narabri , born circa 1951-June 2010 is from the Pintubi tribe, comes from Kintore, Northern Territory.
Her mother was the highly respected 2008 Telstra Award winning artist Makinti Napanangka (Deceased 6th January 2010) and sister-in-law of 2006 Telstra Award winner, Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri
Narrabri started painting in 1999. Her style is heavily influenced by that of her mother, particularly in the use of straight lines representing sand hills (tali) and her exploration of themes associated with Lupulnga, the woman’s ceremonial site that her mother is custodian of. In more recent times, Narrabri had started to grow in confidence in her exploration of a style that was more distinctly her own.
Narrabri sadly passed away in June 2010 and is survived by her husband, artist Hillary Tjapaltjarri.
She was a respected Pupunya Tula artist and her works are much sought after by collectors worldwide.