Minnie Pwerle

Minnie Pwerle was born in 1910 on the banks of the Sandover River, 350 kilometres northeast of Alice Springs. She passed away 18th March 2006, her country is Atnwengerrp, Utopia and her language is Anmatyerre & Alyawarr. She started painting her popular bold, beautifully coloured linear artworks in September/ October 1999. Minnie was one of six children and went on to become the mother of seven children including International artist Barbara Weir. Minnie’s main dreaming are Awelye- Atnwengerrp, Bush Medicine and Bush Melon seed, all of which convey her love and respect for the land and the food it provides for her people.
She had become well respected artist within her Community who promotes her culture, country, seasons and ceremony through her paintings.
Minnie was recognised as a strong painter and an incredibly talented colourist. I am proud to present this work, as it is exceptional and a testament to her artistic reputation. The work is a graphic illustration as to why Minnie’s paintings in this particular format and colour are so avidly sought after by serious collectors as well as those who wish to enjoy a beautiful piece of art on their wall.
Exhibitions Include:
Year 2000 Gallery Savah – Sydney, Flinders Lane Gallery- Melbourne, Mbantual Gallery – Alice Springs, AMP Building – Sydney; Year 2001 Out of Utopia Exhibition – Chapman Gallery – Canberra, San Anselmo, Marin County, California, Japingka Gallery- Perth, Tandanya – Adelaide, Raintree Gallery – Darwin, Northern Territory
Selected Collections:
National Gallery of Victoria; Art Gallery of N.S.W.; Queensland Art Gallery;
Minnie has been included in the 50 most collectable Australian artists by the Australian Art Collector for two years in a row (Issue 27, Jan – Mar 2004 and Issue 31, Jan – March 2005)., her popularity has soared and her exhibitions are often sold out, has won the prestigious 14th Telstra Aboriginal Art Award in 1997 and a finalist in the 18th Telstra Award.