Mary Brown Napangardi

Mary Brown, born circa 1953 in a bush camp at Mandarine, south west of Yuendumu.
She lives in Kintore with her husband, the celebrated artist Ronnie Tjampitjinpa who has inspired her to produce her traditional artworks. As a young girl, Mary lived a traditional lifestyle, learning about gathering bush tucker, bush medicine, making necklaces for ceremonies, etc.
Whilst Mary was still young, her family was picked up by a white man and moved to Yuendumu.
She lived there for some time with her family and then with her husband and fellow artist, Mick “Pegleg” Brown Tjampitjinpa. Mary and Mick later moved to Mt Liebig and then onto Nyirripi, 200km west of Yuendumu. Mary started to paint in the early 1990’s.
Mary’s sisters Jeannie Lewis, Margaret Brown and Margaret Turner Napangardi and her niece, Joy Nangala Brown, are also successful artists.
Mary is a respected Papunya Tula artist and her works are much sought after by collectors worldwide.