Maralyn Nampitjinpa Armstrong

Maralyn was born 24-12-48 in the Jay Creek community, but grew up in Hermansburg where her father worked for the Finke River Mission as an engineer. It was here that Marilyn remembers watching Albert Namatjira and Clifford Possum painting and being inspired by them and being given permission to paint the dream time stories. From the Arrente Tribe.
She started to paint back in 1988 as a stress reliever (for the women’s centre). Clifford encouraged Marilyn to develop her skills with her dot painting, helping her to understand and paint the Dream time stories of the area they are from. Marilyn has many skills and worked as a counsellor at the women’s and children’s centre also with Aboriginal congress as a health worker.
Maralyn has been on the board of Ngurratjuta Aboriginal Corporation for many years and it was at her suggestion that the Art centre was formed to create a place for artists to come and paint when they are in town and pass on their knowledge to the younger generations.
2003 Desert Mob Exhibition, Alice Springs, NT
2004 Advocate Central Australian Art Award, Alice Springs, NT; 2004 Desert Mob Exhibition, Alice Springs, NT
2005 Desert Mob Exhibition, Alice Springs, NT
2007 Desert Mob Exhibition, Alice Springs, NT
2008 Desert Mob Exhibition, Araluen Galleries, Alice Springs, NT
Her Traditional Dreaming designs have been past down to her by their mother and grandmother.
Maralyn has become well respected artist within her Community and her work is sought after by collectors Worldwide.