Lyn Sims Nungarrayi

Lyn, born circa 1974, from Yuendumu of the Warlpiri Tribe. She comes from a long dynasty of artist’s and paints for Warlukurlangu Artists Co-Op. She depicts in her paintings the stories associated with the Ngarlkirdi (Witchety Grub), Ngalyipi ( Snake Vine), Yakajirri (Bush Raisin), Karnta (Women) and Witi (Ceremonial Poles).
A highly collectable artist, a rising star who is creating a lot of interest with collectors worldwide.
Selected exhibitions:
1988 South Australian Museum, Adelaide; 1989 “Yuendumu and Ramingining” Melbourne;
1990 Hogarth Galleries, Sydney; 1991 Ambasade d’ Australie, Paris, France;
1991 Women’s Gallery, Melbourne; 1992 Long Gallery, Hobart;
1993 “Windows to the Future” Tandanya, Adelaide; 1995 Kloosterkazerne, Breda, The Netherlands;
1995 INMA Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 2000 Kurawari Desert Gallery, Sydney;
2002 Chapman Gallery, Canberra