Jeannie Petyarre

Jeannie Petyarre born circa 1950 at Antnelyeye Boundary Bore Outstation & started painting in the eighties.
She lives 300 km’s north east of Alice Springs in Utopia. She paints leaves like her well known sister Gloria Petyarre, but also bush medicine dreaming and she, like her sister, is known for the use of vibrant colors. Jeannie comes from a family of well known artists including KATHLEEN PETYARRE, ADA BIRD PETYARRE, VIOLET PETYARRE, MYRTLE PETYARRE, GREENY PURVIS PETYARRE AND NANCY PETYARRE. She has a long tradition of creating some of the most sought after artworks of contemporary Aboriginal Art.
Jeannie’s ability to capture movement puts her in an exclusive class of artists. She achieves a skillful graduated tonal variation of colour throughout her work at the same time enhancing that sense of movement. Her paintings are picked up quickly due to their appeal and very reasonable prices.
Her works have been exhibited in a number of group exhibitions and is held in many collections.
In 1990, her work was featured in the Holmes a’ Court Collection.
She is a highly respected artist within her Community who promotes her culture, country, seasons and ceremony through her paintings and her work is sought after by collectors Worldwide.
More Beautiful designs by this highly talented artist- Inquiries Welcome