Graham Gordon Tjupurrula

Graham, born circa 1974 is from Balgo, Western Australia. He now lives at Kiwirrikura and has been painting since 1964. He is a respected Papunya Tula artist and his artworks have been exhibited all over Australia and are very much sought after by collectors Worldwide.
His talents have been recognised by highly respected artist Wallimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri, who was one of the last Pintupi nomads to come out of the desert in 1984. Graham has become his Protégé and he is teaching him the very sacred Dreamtime designs that go back 40,000 years
He puts his heart and soul into his paintings & takes great pride in promoting his Culture.
One of his paintings was used as a motif on an Australian stamp in 2003.
Selected exhibitions:
2002 Papunya Tula Gallery, Alice Springs
2003 Utopia Gallery, Sydney, N.S.W.