Deidre Napangardi Brown

Deidre Napangardi Brown was born in 1961 at Yuendumu from the Warlpiri Tribe.
She commenced painting in 1978 at the age of seventeen. Deidre has two sisters, Lisa and Dulcie who are also artists and is related to world renowned artist Eunice Napangardi (Deceased)
The Dreamings of Bush Banana, Possum Dreaming, Bush Plum, Honey Ant, Bush Bean, Bush Potato, Bush Grape, Goanna Dreaming and Bush Tomato that Deidre paints have been passed down to her by her grandfather, uncle and father.
Deidre’s interest in preserving her ancestral culture and Dreaming is portrayed through her unique and very colourful artwork. Her art works have been acquired by collectors in Australia and overseas.