Charlie Tjapangati

Charlie Tjapangarti, born circa 1949, at Tjulurrunya north west of Jupiter Wells of the Pintupi Tribe.
He started painting for Papunya Tula in 1977 & in 1981 travelled to USA with Billy Stockman for the exhibition “Mr. Sandman bring me a Dream”. He is the younger brother of Nanyuma Napangati and Bambatu Cambell Napangardi
He normally paints dreamings of the Tingari cycle. He is a Highly respected Papunya Tula artist and very much sought after by collectors worldwide.

Selected Collections:
South Australian Museum, Adelaide; Holmes a Court Collection; Richard Kelton, U.S.A.; Artbank; National Gallery of Australia; National Museum of Australia; Victoria Art Centre; Queensland Art Gallery; Aboriginal Art Museum, Netherlands; University of Virginia USA;
Flinders University Art Museum, Adelaide
Exhibitions of his work include:
1980, Contemporary Australian Aborigine Paintings, Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, California, USA; 1981, Australian Perspective, A Biennial Survey of Contemporary Australian Art, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney; 1982, Brisbane Festival, Brisbane; 1982, Georges Exhibition, Melbourne; 1983, Mori Gallery, Sydney; 1989, Masterpiece Fine Art Gallery, Hobart.; 1990, Paintings from the Desert, Contemporary Aboriginal Paintings, Plimsoll Gallery, Centre for the Arts, Hobart, Tasmania; 1992, Crossroads-Towards a New Reality, Aboriginal Art from Australia, National Museums of Modern Art, Kyoto and Tokyo; 1981 Australian Prospecta; 1986 “The Dreamtime Today”, Kintore Gallery Adelaide; 1999 Flinders University Art Museum, Adelaide.
2000 Genesis & Genius Gallery of N.S.W; 2002 Solo Exhibition Scott Livesey Gallery, Melbourne