Bambatu Cambell Napangardi

Bambatu Cambell Napangardi born circa 1940 in Pintupi country Winron across the W.A. border, east of Kiwirrikurra . Bambatu grew up in the bush living a traditional life, hunting & living off the land as the Aboriginal people have lived for thousands of years.
While visiting relatives in Balgo, she met Dini Cambell Tjampitjinpa Deceased and got married to him in Balgo.
She lives in Kiwirrikurra and is sister to highly acclaimed artists Charlie Tjapangardi, Dorothy Napangardi and Nanyuma Napangardi
She has helped Dini paint his designs for many years and has been inspired to promote her own style through her artworks.
Dini passed away in 2000. Her works are quite typical of the old men and women from Kintore and Papunya.
She is a respected Papunya Tula artist and her works are much sought after by collectors worldwide.