Anna Price Petyarre

Anna Price Petyarre was born c.1965. Anna has painted since early childhood. She is the daughter of the late Glory Ngarla and niece to the late Emily Kame Kngwarreye. She speaks Anmatyerre (her native language) Anna paints the bush Yam Seeds Dreamings. These are the Dreamings of her grandfathers and fathers country from the Boundary Bore region. As a traditional Aboriginal woman who engages in sacred ceremonies, she also paints women’s body paint aspects of women’s ceremony.
Anna’s paintings have been exhibited extensively throughout Australia since 1996. Her work has attracted increasing attention internationally, and she has participated in two major exhibitions of work by Utopia women artists in the United States. A talented artist and rising star who will leave her mark forever in the world of Utopia art.
Selected Exhibitions:
Soho Gallery, Sydney; 1997 Dacou Gallery, Adelaide; 1997 Sutton Gallery, Melbourne; 1998 Quadrivium Gallery, Sydney; 1998 Selected entrant for the 15th NATSIAA; 1999 Tandanya, Adelaide; 2000 Tandanya, Adelaide; 2000 Dacou (in association with AMP); Mary Place Gallery, Sydney; 2001 “Women’s Business”, Australian Exhibition Centre, Darwin; 2002 Galerie Le Temps du Reve, France; 2002 Hogath Galleries, Sydney; 2002 Glen Eira City Gallery, Melbourne. Chicago in 2000 and California in 2001.
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; Artbank Sydney;
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney;
Art Gallery of South Australia Adelaide; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; Art Gallery of Western Australia; Victorian Art Centre Melbourne; Anthropology Art Museum Perth; Holmes a Court Collection, Perth; private and corporate collections in USA, Germany, Denmark, Poland and Italy.