Margaret Scobie

Margaret Scobie born 01-01-48 at Woola Downs, Northern Territory.
She is an Anmatyerre speaker & one of the senior women at Utopia.
Her family contains a string of accredited artists.
Margaret’s mother is sister to the father of highly respected artist Gloria Petyarre and more notably was sister to celebrated artist Emily Kngwarreye. She often paints similar Tjukurrpa Dreamtime stories such as the Bush Medicine Dreaming, Honey Ant & Mountain Devil Dreaming. Margaret’s cousin, Gloria Petyarre has a close relationship with Margaret who has three daughters & one son along with three grandchildren.
She has a wonderful flair for colour in her paintings & is a highly respected artist, a rising star within her Community who promotes her culture, country, seasons & ceremony through her paintings.
Margaret Scobie’s Bush Medicine Dreaming artworks have an amazing mesmerising affect depicting grass blowing in the wind.
Margaret’s husband Tommy Johnny and her daughters Sharon, Sophia and Leanne also paint.
Margaret Scobies work is sought after by collectors worldwide.
Margaret’s work is represented by most of the major galleries.