Tali Tjuta at Kiri Kulu

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Artist: Willy Tjungurrayi
Year: 2003
Medium: Acrylic on Belgium Linen Canvas
Size: 152cm x 122cm
Price: P.O.A.
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Description: This striking painting depicts Tali Tjuta “mig mob sand hills” site at Kiri Kulu in the area of the artist’s birthplace, this sacred claypan rock-hole site is used for performing Malliera (initiation) ceremonies. In this painting the lines connect various sites and formations and represent the paths or travelling lines between these important cultural sites. A Blue chip investment work and a valuable asset in any investment portfolio including a self managed super fund. Check with your accountant on the huge tax benefits available. A beautifully executed artwork. Comes with 14 working photos.
Reference: CFWT152