Ngalyod and Goannas

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Artist: Philip Gudthayguthay
Year: 2000
Medium: Natural Ochres on Canvas
Size: 126cm x 50cm
Price: $3300
Shipping: $0.00
Description: An extremely rare painting depicting Ngalyod, the Creator Spirit is sometimes male or female, but for the Gudwinggu she is the great fertile mother who gave birth to the first people. Even today she brings forth the wet season after the long dry. She brings forth new life. She is the spirit of the raibow standing on her tail and reaching high into the sky. As the first creator she taught the people the laws and ceremonies. Failure to abide bythese laws will arouse her fury and bring drought, flash floods and death. The Goannas depicted in his painting are also his totems. They are a valuable food source for his people. A Blue chip investment work and a valuable asset in any investment portfolio including a self managed super fund. Check with your accountant on the huge tax benefits available.
Reference: PGUD126