Karnta Kurlungu

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Artist: Judy Napangardi Watson
Year: 2012
Medium: Acrylic on Belgium Linen Canvas
Size: 94.5cm x 58.8cm
Price: $1450.00
Shipping: $0.00
Description: Traditional bold women’s ceremonial design depicting women’s ceremonial site in the Mina Mina area, a sacred site far to the west of Yuendumu. During the dreaming Karnta (Women) of the Napangardi and Napananagka moieties danced yawulyu (Sacred dancing) wearing their hair string skirts where digging sticks rose up out of the ground. At this site there is a rock hole which is sacred to women from her tribe. They sing and dance around this site as well as collecting bush tomatoes, yakajirri (bush sultana) and plants for ceremonial use including ngalyipi (Tinospora smilacina or snake vine). The Dreamtime stories which go back 40,000 years.
Reference: JNW94.5