Ngalyapi Snake Vine bush tomato Dreaming

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Artist: Margaret Lewis Napangardi
Year: 2009
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 133cm x 86cm
Price: $1450
Shipping: $45
Description: After rain the women walk along the creek beds looking for bush mushrooms which spawn after rain. They are also collecting wayipi (worms) for bush tucker. They place these in their coolamons and when their coolamons are full they use the snake vine to wrap around the coolamon to keep the bush tomato and wayipi from falling out. The Concentric circle in the centre represents a ceremonial site at Mina Mina, west of Yuendumu where Napangardi & Napanangka women moietus danced yawulyu (sacred dancing) and the straight lines represent the digging sticks which rose up out of the ground.
Reference: MLN133