Honey Ant Dreaming

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Artist: Damien Marks Tjungala
Year: 2008
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 184cm x 141cm
Price: $3500
Shipping: To be quoted
Description: A striking Unique Damien & Yilpi Marks design depicting honey ant dreaming site in the area of the artist’s birthplace. Women dig into the honey ant tunnels with their digging sticks to collect the honey ants which are sweeter than bees honey & a valuable source of bush tucker for aboriginal people. Depicted are the earth mounds created by the women as they dig in search for the honey ants and the “U” shapes depict the women digging for honey ants. The long black objects on either side of their painting depict the digging sticks used by the women. The white dots represent the food collected by the honey ants. The dots represent the colours & contours of the land. Comes with 7 working photos. A highly collectable Clifford Possum Style design.
Reference: YMA184ha