Milky Way Dreaming

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Artist: Janet Forrester Ngala
Year: 1995
Medium: Giclee Print on Canvas
Size: 100cm x 69cm
Price: $225
Shipping: $0.00
Description: This is a Limited Edition Collectable Giclee print which is fade resistant (200 years) and has a quality and intensity of colour that is unique to the medium. In Aboriginal life where people sleep under the stars with little shelter, they are aware of nearly every star in the heavens & most of these stars have stories associated with their origins. All over Australia, it is believed that the stars & planets were once men women & animals in Creation time. The Milky Way is considered by Aboriginals as a visual representation of the microcosmic system within each person. Tracking the inner self knows the pathways of the Milky Way. More artwork by this artist available, inquiries welcome
Reference: JFNP69mw