Mikarnta, Irantji and Snake Dreaming

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Artist: Long Tom Tjapanangka
Year: 2003
Medium: Acrylic on Belgium Linen Canvas
Size: 150cm x 122cm
Price: $5000
Shipping: $0.00
Description: This is Long Tom’s country of Irantji Ranges and Mikarnta Waterhole and during creation time this land was formed by Kuniya the carpet snake, who is also called Kartilka, is travelling west of the Irantji range to Mikarnta waterhole. The Irantji hills appear on the desert horizon like a row of humps. They are metamorphosed backs of a band of tjukurpa emus that travelled that way in Creation times. At Mikarnta a large spring offers running water, a scarce & prized resource, & one that is guarded by mens law of the Tjukurpa. Long Tom remarked of this painting.” The biggest spring on top of Mikarnta waterhole. The snake goes right into the water, so the water is running now. Big hole there.” The vast distances of the desert between the rocky desert outcrops have been compressed on the canvas and the vegetation marked as pointers to the place and its resources for travelling people. Although the water is not visible in the painting, it is foremost in the artist’s mind when he paints this painting. This painting when stretched will have no creases on the artwork. A Great Sale Price. A Blue chip investment work and a valuable asset in any investment portfolio including a self managed super fund
Reference: LTT150