Marra Mimi Hunters and the Rainbow Serpent Dreaming

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Artist: Edward Blitner
Year: 2012
Medium: Acrylic Paint on Canvas
Size: 175cm x 82cm
Price: $1850
Shipping: $0.00
Description: A beautifully executed raak Arnhem Land Design depicting a tall Marra Mimi hunter wearing the feathers is the boss Mimi and the smaller Mimi’s are the guardians which he has released from his guardian bag. Together with the powerful Rainbow Serpent “Bpudullurah” they killed the crocodile “Warrajularr” after it attacked the Mimi woman who was fishing. They cut the crocodile up and placed them into three Spirit song poles so he will never return to the rivers to threaten their people again. A great investment from this highly talented next generation artist at a great sale price. Do a Google Search to check out prices from other Galleries
Reference: EB175