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Year: 2013
Medium: Acrylic on Primed Canvas
Size: 116cm x 94cm
Price: $950
Shipping: $0.00
Description: Winnie Reid Nakamarra was born in Papunya, Northern Territory and from the Pintubi language group. Born 9-08-61 and lives at Kintore with her husband and 3 children. Winnie is a highly respected Papunya Tula artist in her Community. Winnie is heir and successor a next generation artist carrying on the work of her mother, world renown artist Makinti Napanangka (deceased) who often painted with her. Her Traditional Dreaming designs have been past down to her by her mother. Winnie is one of the next generation of Aboriginal artists whose Artworks wil be very much sought after by collectors Worldwide. Winnie's artwork depicts her mothers dreaming Lupulgna This design is associated with the rock hole site of Lupulnga & the travels of the Kungka Kutjarra (two women). The linear design in the painting represents nyimparra, which are hand crafted hair-string belts or skirts, worn by the Pintupi Aboriginal Women during ceremonies. The painting depicts designs associated with the rock hole PeeWee (small black bird) Dreaming site of Lupulgna, south of Kintore Outstation. A group of women visited the site during their travels north of Kintore. The lines represent spun hair used to make hair-string skirts and hair belts worn during women's ceremonies. Comes with a photo of Winnie holding her work along with 2 working photos. A beautifully executed design at a great sale price
Reference: WRN116