Kaarkurutinytja Salt Lake Dreaming

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Artist: Nyururupayia Nampitjinpa (Mrs. Bennett)
Year: 2003
Medium: Acrylic on Belgium Linen Canvas
Size: 120cm x 120cm
Price: $7000
Shipping: To be quoted
Description: This painting shows a time during the creation period when the earth was being formed. At Kaarkurutinytja two giant kuniya (carpet pythons) met & carried out their business. The two snakes are also spoken of as two men of the Tjangala group. The string of circles that represent the tiny holes visible in the salt lake today, said to be the homes where the snakes still live today. The U shapes are the traditional encampments of people gathered at this sacred site where women perform their women’s ceremonies. Comes with 5 working photos. A Rare artwork by this top artist and an excellent Blue Chip Investment
Reference: NNB120