Goanna Love story

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Artist: Debra Nangala McDonald
Year: 2013
Medium: Acrylic on primed canvas
Size: 116.5cm x 93cm
Price: $1200
Shipping: To be quoted
Description: The small concentric circle is the hole in the sandbank where the goanna lives. The large circle depicts the contours of the sand hill as it surrounds the goanna hole. The 2 elongated dot designs either side represent the goanna tracks as he searches the sand hills to find a wife. This design relates to the Goanna Spirit beings of the Dreamtime journeys as they travel their country in search for love incidences. This important Shorty Lungkata design is documented on page 266 of Geoffrey & James Bardon book “Papunya A Place Made After the Story. The Beginning of the Western Desert Painting Movement” Comes with a photo of Debra holding her work along with 8 working photos. Note:The intricate dots are Mushroom colour. A great investment
Reference: DNM116.5