Mulga Kangaroos, by

$135 - $150

30cm Tall by 3

Carved Traditional Aboriginal Brolga, by


65cm Tall

Dancing Brolga, by


75cm Tall

Authentic Aboriginal Fighting Shield, by Bobby James


Feeding Brolga, by


50cm Tall

Aboriginal Killer Boomerangs, by

$150 each

74cm - 80cm long

Aboriginal Carved Goanna, by Tommy Cooper


95cm Long

Ceremonial Digging Stick, by


90cm Long

Mimi Spirit Pole, by Edward Blitner


232cm Tall

Carved Crocodile, by


50cm Long

Carved Brolgas, by

$130 each

50cm Tall

Ceramic Gifts, by

Blitner Djulluw Spirit Man, by Edward Blitner


64cm Tall

43cm Table Platter Womens Ceremony, by


43cm Diameter

145cm Tall Brolga with Chicks, by


145cm tall

Kurrajira Bird Carving, by


26cm Tall

Carved Australian painted Brolga Bird, by


80cm High by 13.5cm diameter

Souvenir Table Platter, by


21cm Square

Authentic Mulga Carved Boomerang, by


55cm Long

Ceramic Souvenir Plate, by


25cm Diameter x 3cm

Ceramic Aboriginal Gift Platter Australias Unique Animals, by


43cm Diameter

Brolga Carving 50cm Tall, by


50 cm Tall

Aboriginal Souvenir Gift Plates Collection, by

1 Metre Carved Brolga, by GIFTS


1 Metre Tall by 19cm Wide

Aboriginal Gift Souvenirs, by
















A unique range of Quality Aboriginal art souvenirs and gifts hand painted in Australia consisting of ceramic plates, vases, bowl souvenirs, boomerangs, collection of 1960’s museum quality aboriginal carvings and boomerangs, beautiful carved brolgas, Tiwi statues and many other items collected over 20 years. Worldwide Shipping. Wholesale Enquiries welcome