Emu Dreaming

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Artist: Samantha Daniels Napaltjarri
Year: 2007
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 65cm x 58cm
Price: $385
Shipping: $0.00
Description: Samantha’s striking bold design depicts her land and country portrayed in an aerial perspective, the way of traditional Pintupi sand paintings, but the figures are painted straight on, like they would appear if painted on a cave wall. The spirits that she paints are very important and are based on the spirits that are depicted in the rock art at Tjindara, a place deep into WA from Lake MacKay which is often visited by Pintupi people. . The Emu Men were ancestral beings who roamed the landscape during the Dreamtime or Creation Period. The Emu was the totem of her father, Rintje Tjungurrayi and step father, Langkata Shorty Tjungurrayi. The Tingari were ancestral spirit beings, who went on very long journeys, creating much of the desert landscape in Central Australia, and instructing the people about law and custom. The stippled dot border depicts the electricity in the air which accompanies the spirits. This phenomenon can be felt, even in the daytime, when nothing can be seen. These paintings are reputed to be more than fifteen thousand years old.
Reference: SDN65