Edward Blitner Mimi Spirit Didgeridoo

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Artist: Edward Blitner
Size: 155cm Long
Length: 155cm Long
Key: "B"
Bottom End: 7cm Diameter
Timber: Mallee
Weight: 4 Kgs
Price: $450
Shipping: To be quoted
Description: Edward Blitner is one of the few remaining Top End (Arnhem Land) artists promoting his culture through his artworks and this is a beautiful example of his fine Raak design depicting the Mimi Spirit and Lightning Spirit, the ancestors of Northern Australian Aboriginal people. A certificate of authenticity along with a photo of Edward holding his didgeridoo and a number of working photos will be supplied to the purchaser of this easy to play, very responsive, music quality signed didgeridoo. Painted in Acrylic Ochres
Reference: DEB155M