Edward Blitner Didgeridoo

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Artist: Edward Blitner
Length: 145cm
Key: "C"
Bottom End: 11cm Diam
Timber: Mallee
Price: $480
Shipping: To be quoted
Description: Eddy, born 1961, a talented artist from Naiyalrindji, Ngukkurr Community, Roper River, Northern Territory, 270 kms southeast of Katherine, his skin is Kela and his bush name is Taiita. Eddy began painting when he was 7 years old, he used to watch his grandfathers, Fred (Deceased), Gerry(Deceased) and Donald, and the other Elders who taught him to blend ochre, apply the paint, carve, and passed on to him the stories of the work they were doing. Eddy has lived for periods of time at Katherine, Victoria River, Kununurra, Fitzroy Crossing and Broome. He is also an accomplished woodcarver and didgeridoo maker, while other members of his clan (Barbil) taught him how to make flint spear heads, traditional hunting boomerangs and most important how to hunt, fish, find bush tucker and make bush medicine to survive. A traditional yet striking design depicting the Gjarrgudji Lightning Spirit holder of the lightning spears and holder of the lightning and monsoon rain. He throws his lightning spears down on law breakers and punishes them by hammering them further into the law breakers. He uses his stone hammers to split the dark clouds and make lighting and thunder. A very responsive Free standing Bell Didgeridoo, easy to play. A real Showpiece
Reference: DEB145 didge