Edward Blitner Arnhem Land Didgeridoo

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Artist: Edward Blitner
Size: 137cm Long
Length: 137cm Long
Key: "E"
Bottom End: 24cm Diameter
Timber: Mallee
Weight: 5 Kgs
Price: $600
Shipping: To be quoted
Description: Edward Blitner is an accomplished woodcarver and didgeridoo maker. This Large Bell Root Didgeridoo painted in Traditional Acrylic Ochres in Edward's Raak designs depicting Mimi and Lightning Spirits which are the ancestors for Arnhem Land Aboriginal people. A Real Showpiece. Free Standing. Music Quality Didgeridoo, very responsive, great reverberation characteristics and easy to play. Comes with certificate of authenticity, a photo of Edward Blitner Holding his didgeridoo and several working photos. A large range of quality didgeridoos available in a variety of key tones to suit your requirements. Enquiries Welcome
Reference: DEB137rt