Bush Tucker Dreaming

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Artist: Pantjia Nungurrayi
Year: 2004
Medium: Acrylic on Belgium Linen Canvas
Size: 150cm x 90cm
Price: $1500
Shipping: To be quoted
Description: Pantjia, born circa 1936 in Pintupi country, near Kiwirrikurra. Pantjia grew up in the bush living a traditional life, hunting & living off the land as the Aboriginal people have lived for thousands of years. She was the wife of respected artist George Maxwell Jangala (Deceased) & is a respected Papunya Tula artist and her works are much sought after by collectors worldwide. Pantjiya Nungurrayi is one of a number of Pintupi women painters who emerged in the late 90's, taking up painting after living in the shadows of their husbands and sons, many of whom had been painting since the 1970's. Like many of the works of her contemporaries Pantjiya uses a very restricted palate, primarily black and white, and in this case the yellow ochre highlights which make the symbols and pattern really pop. The white field is essentially composed of dots which have been allowed to fuse together into a rich confectionate surface. The black figurative elements are the ground of the painting which has been allowed to show through the field of white dots and form the symbols and linear patterning as negative space. Selected exhibitions: 1999 Flinders Art Museum, Flinders University; 2001 Pintupi, Alice Springs; 2002 Chapel off Chapel, Melbourne; 2003 Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne. Selected Collections: National Gallery of Victoria; Artbank; Pupunya Tula Artists WOMEN’S BUSH TUCKER In the Dreaming, a group of women camped at the present day site of Browns Bore (Kungkiyunti) to perform ceremonies. During their travels they gathered the edible fruit pura (bush tomato) yams and mangata (quandong). The plant like shapes represent desert oak trees and the lines framing the inner field of white are the sandhills in the country through which they travelled. The women later travelled west to a site called Ngutjulnga, just to the east of the present day community of Kintore. A striking design at an affordable price.
Reference: PN150