Bush Seeds Dreaming

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Artist: Gracie Morton Pwerl
Year: 2005
Medium: Acrylic on Belgium Linen canvas
Size: 152cm x 91cm
Price: $1395
Shipping: $0.00
Description: In the Utopia region, there are many varieties of grasses to be found. One such type is found in the spinifex, sand plains, and sand hills that produce a seed that is collected, crushed and made into a paste to produce bread that the people eat. This grass can grow up to 15 cm high and is reddish in color. It is found throughout the year, but is particularly abundant after a fall of rain. Due to the grazing of cattle and rabbits the grass is not as plentiful and the seeds are harder to collect. In years gone, the Aboriginal people collected these seeds in a most unusual way. Due to the seeds ripening at different stages, many would fall to the ground and be covered by sand and lost from view. The Aboriginal people would look for the nesting site of a particular ant. This ant, collected the seeds, and ate a certain portion and then discarded the rest. The discarded seeds would be found in a pile just outside the nest, where it was collected, cleaned and then ground into a thick paste to produce the damper or bread - an important source of food for the Aboriginal people. The painting portrays the area scattered with seeds, the tracks used by women to collect the seeds and the sand-hills are depicted by the dotted lines across the painting created by the sandstorm as it moves across the country. Beautifully executed intricate dot work at affordable price. More sizes available. Enquiries welcome
Reference: GMP152rco