Bush Banana Witchetty Grub Dreaming

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Artist: Janet Forrester Ngala
Year: 2002
Medium: Giclee print on canvas
Size: 85cm x 83.5cm
Price: $225
Shipping: To be quoted
Description: This is a Limited Edition Collectable Giclee print which is fade resistant (200 years) and has a quality and intensity of colour that is unique to the medium.This painting depicts the different kinds of bush tucker found in the area. In the centre of the painting the white designs within the circle depict the witchetty grubs, the larval stage of a moth, considered a delicacy food by Central Desert Aborigines. Surrounding them is the root system of the witchetty tree (Acacia Kempeana) where the grubs are found. The outer edges of the painting illustrate the bush banana plant with its radiating vines called Langua. The different colours of the fruit show the different stages of new growth with changing seasons. The Central Desert Australian Aboriginal people consider the Bush Banana plants to be of great importance because of their nutritional value and healing properties. They are eaten as a fruit and also parts of the vine are used for medicinal purposes.
Reference: CFPbw85