Awelye- Atnwengerrp Dreaming

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Artist: Minnie Pwerle
Year: 2003
Medium: Acrylic on Belgium Linen
Size: 151cm x 92cm
Price: P.O.A.
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Description: Aweleye-Atnwengerrp is depicted by a series of lines painted in different widths, patterns and colours. This pattern represents the designs painted on the top half of the women’s bodies during ceremonies in their country of Atnwengerrp. Bush Melon is represented by meandering linear design, circles and breast motif in different colours, creating very fluid and bold paintings. Bush melon seed comprises large and small patches of colour strewn across the canvas. Both these dreamings tell the story of the sweet bush tucker that comes from a very small bush and is only found in Atnwengerrp. Once very abundant & fruiting in summer it is now very hard to find. Minnie and other women used to collect this fruit and scrape out the small black seeds. They would then eat the fruit immediately or cut it into pieces and skewer them onto a piece of wood and dry them to be eaten in coming months when Bush tucker was scarce. A beautifully executed work and a great investment
Reference: MPW151y